WITH/DRAW press release

Leyden Gallery presents WITH/DRAW

 An exhibition that asks a distinct and varied group of artists what significance drawing has upon their practice.  

 Drawing is often considered as the quintessential point from which the development of an idea moves through to a larger or more complex work – regardless of whether they contain the genesis of a larger work or are complete in themselves, drawings offer both the maker and the viewer direct appeal as intimate first-hand encounters.

 The process of drawing leads on to new difficulties to be conquered, to new subtleties of line, and fresh fascinations in the pursuit of distinction and style. The artists participating in this exhibition all have their own elemental take on the art of drawing.

 As expected these artists have presented a remarkably diverse range of work, from the immediacy of life-drawing to detailed preparatory studies, they incorporate an equally diverse range of mediums from pencil, biro and pastel to collage and grids.

 You are invited to engage with the closeness and accessibility offered by these artworks and to discover the rich possibilities of drawing.

 Christine Taylor Patten In her monumental micro/macro series which were shown recently at the 14th Istanbul Biennial, Patten’s drawings progress from a single dot in space that breaks apart and then evolves into myriad movements; each one referencing the previous drawing and promising new possibilities for another.

 Sarah Muirhead's biro drawings relate to her interest in a perception of the body, its frailties, strengths and the alterations imposed upon it. The artist’s portraits articulate a state of mind and often focus upon a single gesture.

 The drawing collages by Victoria Coster form part of current body of work around the condition of Tinnitus. The artist presents an attempt to anthropomorphize the sound, giving form to the formless, trying to represent something intangible that evokes a response in relation to the the marks, layers and form.

 Hanna ten Doornkaat Exploring the process and meaning of drawing ten Doornkaat presents a study around the notion of compound memory. The repetition of marks and lines often within a grid structure are regularly recurring elements.

 Daniel Hosego uses drawing as part of the process of his art-making. His compositional figure studies are a crucial step in the development of his large prints.

 Closer to a more traditional aspect of drawing, the artists Marc Gooderham and Nicholas Borden use the city as their main source of inspiration. Their distinct techniques range from the use of pastel/chalk to the pencil line as form.

 In Hilary Ellis’ artwork the nature of the discreet yet insistent marks, scratches and stitches appear as an overwhelming desire, signifying the chaos cloaked beneath every search for order. Ellis was awarded a European Social Fund Research Fellowship in Drawing at St Helens College.

 Pushing around the medium of graphite and charcoal in much the same way as she manipulates paint, Sarah Shaw finds a new level of patience and satisfaction within her drawing process, which is increasingly becoming essential to her practice of painting.

 Focused on the male body, the group, Nude for Thought covers all aspects of life drawing. This exhibition will also feature a selection of drawings from the participants - beginner and experienced - of the Saturday Morning Life Drawing Sessions, a collaboration between Leyden Gallery and Nude for Thought.