Works On Paper Press Release

Works on Paper

May 6th - 16th

Private View 6th of May 2015 6.30 - 9.00pm


Nan Goldin, Paula Rego, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Christine Taylor Patten, Lindsay Moran, Hilary Ellis, James Melloy, Atsuko Nakamura, Lydia Brockless, Daniel Hosego, Emilia Moisio, Dolores de Sade, Alexander Hamilton & Christopher Kettle

 Leyden Gallery is delighted to announce their exhibition of contemporary, prints and drawings & photographs, Works on Paper. This is their first exhibition focusing solely on art that is produced on paper. The exhibition will bring a group of internationally acclaimed artists into dialogue with a selection of emerging talented artists. For this exhibition there is a selection of artists who are represented by Leyden Gallery, such as Hilary Ellis, Atsuko Nakamura, Lindsay Moran and James Melloy, along with a further group who have recently exhibited in Leyden Gallery’s significant and respected quarterly Platform for Emerging Arts shows, which have included emerging artists to watch such as Emilia Moisio, Lydia Brockless, Daniel Hosego and Dolores de Sade. Supporting new artists is a priority of Leyden Gallery; being able to give emerging artists a platform to initially show their work, give them the confidence to exhibit in a commercial space and to support them through the growth of their career with group and solo exhibitions.

Alongside these emerging talents, the work of internationally renowned artists such as Nan Goldin, Paula Rego and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham will also be exhibited.

 With a brilliantly diverse range of styles and expertise Works on Paper is set to explore both the medium & the approach to working with such a versatile material.

 Artists Dolores de Sade, Emilia Moisio, Lydia Brockless and Daniel Hosego have all exhibited with Leyden Gallery in their respected Platform for Emerging Arts shows. The visible talent of these young artists has been recognised not only at Leyden Gallery but also by respected art institutions globally.

Shortly after exhibiting with Leyden Gallery, Lydia Brockless was shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015. Her sculptures are gaining national interest and her practice, which utilises the idea of paradoxes and oppositions, is strongly represented across the wide range of mediums she engages with; including her drawings on paper and tiles.   

Following her appearance at Leyden Gallery in Platform for Emerging Arts 3, Dolores de Sade went on to exhibit her print-making skills at the Goto Gallery in Tokyo for the exhibition Prism 4, which held a number of her original prints.

Leyden Gallery recognised the talent of the artist Atsuko Nakamura, after she graduated from the Slade; she joined them to participate in the exhibition Delve, one of Leyden Gallery’s first shows. Soon after she was shortlisted for the prestigious ArtAngel prize and is currently having a solo show in Japan.

James Melloy joined Leyden Gallery in 2014 with his brilliant first solo show artHive. He graduated from Goldsmiths with a BA in Fine Art; his graduation collection was bought for the Goldsmiths Art Collection. Subsequent work has been bought for the Nuffield Trust and Royal Bank of Canada collections as well as by private collectors. He joins Leyden Gallery once again to showcase his new works on paper

Hilary Ellis is a key artist to be featured within Works on Paper. Her work explores the obsessive need for repetition and the attempt to impose order upon chaos.  Since joining Leyden Gallery Hilary's work has been selected to feature in prestigious art prizes such The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014, which includes 51 drawings by 46 practitioners selected from 3,234 submitted works.

Christine Taylor Patten very recently exhibited part of her series of drawings called micro/macro with Leyden Gallery. This series of works are going on to the 14th Istanbul Biennial in September 2015. A group of nine drawings, referred to as Tangents, have been taken from the micro/macro series and are to be exhibited within Works on Paper. The work embodies the amount of time and care Taylor Patten spent making each individual one-by-one-inch drawing, which were created using crow quill and black ink.

Works on Paper will be a collaboration of artistic medium, it will showcase each artist for the unique individual they are, and will aim to show the great diversity of work that can be produced using a paper surface. In a world today, where surfaces upon which to create appear endless, sometimes we must appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of paper and what its surface enables.