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Juliana Matsumura: Traces of Deconstruction

Juliana Matsumura: Traces of Deconstruction
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Juliana Matsumura is a Japanese-Brazilian artist living and working in Lisbon and Sao Paulo. Her delicate, abstract forms are instantly recognisable and have been exhibited and collected internationally. Her work is defined by the printed texture of paper, of the torn edges of collages and fluid shapes that both fill and dance across the surface of her works.

Matsumura is known for her monotype prints, etchings, collages and sculptures which aim to redefine the traces of deconstruction, absence, the impermanence of nature and memory. By overlaying various abstract forms, her works are composed in strong, yet subdued colour palettes. There is an ephemerality to her work, a fleeting other-worldliness which contributes to this notion of fragmentation and rebuilding. The fluid, layered shapes appear as if they are moving as translucent edges overlap and the central form changes with every iteration. Monotype printing and etching recreate an almost archival quality to Juliana’s work and a timelessness that echoes her influences. When viewing one of her series, questions regarding destruction arise, is the source of destruction human or natural in origin? The distinction is not made by Juliana but left to the viewer to interpret.

Matsumura’s sensitive forms are accented by light and natural elements in her immersive installations – both inside and outdoors. Matsumura looks to demolished buildings, towering forests, and fierce rivers for inspiration, exploring cycles of movement, separation, and interruption. Successful residences at GRÃO (2019), Lesat Segall Museum (2018), and the São Carlos National Theatre (2016), amongst others and site-specific projects such as ‘Surgit,’ have allowed her to explore 3D work and to interact with the very subject she takes inspiration from, integrating her work into these environments in a cycle of destruction and creation.

In 2018 Juliana was selected for the 18th Platform for Emerging Arts run by Leyden Gallery and has continued to go from strength to strength. Leyden Gallery holds some Juliana Matsumura works in its collection, please contact for availability.


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