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'Still Life with Birds and Apples' by Studio of Miguel Canals (1925-1995)

'Still Life with Birds and Apples' by Studio of Miguel Canals (1925-1995)
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Miguel Canals (1925-1995) was a Spanish artist who lived and worked in Barcelona. In the 1970’s, he founded the “Estudio Canals” whose purpose was to make the Great Masters’ artworks available for a wider audience.

In the beginning, Canals directed a small group of painters in the reproduction of the Old Masters and Impressionist works. However, the paintings form the Estudio Canals are not fake copies created with the intention to mislead the buyer, but legitimate replica and they are always marked “M.Canals”. The market of the copies saw an increase of value during the 80’s and ’90s, as a result of the economic recession that influenced the art market negatively. The copies would provide a more affordable solution without missing the quality of the art, but many of them were commissioned by collectors who wanted to keep their masterpiece safe while appreciating their beauty in their homes. Therefore, the legitimate reproductions and reinterpretations of the studio of Miguel Canal have to be seen as not as forgeries, but as collectables in their own right.

Besides the studies on Old Masters, Miguel Canals also found a personal and distinctive path with the line of paintings that portrays birds and fruits, such as the painting just acquired by Leyden Gallery. Although the classical inspiration is well visible, the artist took an independent style that characterises his works with vivid and detailed strokes.

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