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Ben Gooding Central to the concerns of Gooding’s work is the idea that great complexity is derived from great simplicity. He is interested in how structure is derived from an underpinning system that might be based on a very simple set of parameters, but which result in highly dense and intricate compositions.

Gerard McGregor McGregor’s work relates to the effects of light, colour and memory. He is intrigued by how the increasing use of technology affects our way of thinking and the use of photography and video as a way of capturing everyday events. Gerard questions if we rely too much on the pictures we have taken as a prompt for our recollections rather than using our actual memory.

Jasmine Stanford Stanford explores the potential translations between 2D and 3D. Complementing the 2D forms that appear in her video art, she re-creates their 3D versions, which appear gooey in texture and vivid in colour. She invites the viewers to make their own interpretations of her created shapes.

Koen Soberon Soberon’s practice envisages and searches for earthly, dialectical and transcendental elements within human nature. He considers the dualistic nature of relations, black against white, hard against soft - everything appears to be put into perspective and is logically structured. He however, produces a creative platform where suggestion encounters interpretation. It is a dialogue between maker and viewer

Nic Wassell I Lost You and Found Another involves the deconstruction and layering of transparencies and backing from expired Polaroid stock to the finding/creation of surreal landscapes and figures that appear as a result  of the developing chemicals. As the original photographs are lost, they give birth to un-thought and unimagined images, evoking narratives across frames and becoming windows to hidden places.

Rose Cleary Cleary’s practice is fuelled by an interest in constructed realities, and how much of contemporary Western society can be considered “virtual”. She quantifies the materiality of the online identity and explores how the tokens of personal meaning are expelled into the virtual realm in order to project a persona.

Teresa Wells Inspired by what she refers to as ‘a moral upbringing’, Wells combines an ethical consciousness alongside an anthropological fascination with human behavior. Through the medium of sculpture and drawing Wells explores the tenuous yet bonded relationships between human society, religion, law, and kinship.

Victoria Coster In her series of collages, Coster develops an ongoing enquiry exploring how we construct our sense of self, how the subjective experience of location, object and other are seemingly inseparable from memory and language. Using collage from collected material the broken down fragments are reconstructed to create a new image, the process itself can be viewed as a reflection of the enquiry.


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