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Andrew Chisolm Based in London, Andrew Chisolm is interested in the unexplored possibilities of analogue media. In his London studio he has used the space available to construct a unique 'lightless' space to make his life-size colour photograms. His working method dispenses with a camera, reducing the process to the basic elements of light, paper, subject and chemistry. Andrew Chisholm recently returned to formal study, graduating from The University of Westminster with first-class honours in photography.

Dolores de Sade Dolores de Sade is a British artist who trained at The Royal College of Art. In her own words: ‘My work is primarily focused on the landscape, but concerned with memory, nostalgia, myth and narrative. My work spans a range of media, including etching and engraving, painting, writing, sound, performance and film.’ Dolores de Sade’s work is held in private and public collections including, The V&A, The Government Art Collection, The British Library, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Ashmolean Museum, The Ministry of Culture, Thailand and Guangdong Museum, China.

Samia Malik Born in Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents, Samia Malik has lived in the UK since she was a child, and is now based in Norfolk. Her dynamic, evolving working practice encompasses music, visual art and education. Drawing widely on her multiple heritages by combining, extending and subverting traditional forms, Malik’s work explores contemporary issues around identity, race and gender. For this exhibition Samia Malik will be exhibiting a series of new paintings, which explore the universal language of colour, tone, form and texture, with her focus purely on painting in oil on canvas.

Jessica Scott Based in London, Jessica Scott studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw at Central St. Martins. Scott works primarily in textiles and performance. Of her own work, Scott says she uses the domestic as a backdrop for exploring personal and cultural ideas about heritage. Her work touches on feminism, DIY culture, punk and the politics of shared experiences that are rooted in everyday life. She employs traditional craft skills, in challenging contemporary ways, with the aim of making art that can speak honestly about life to the broadest possible audience. As a remedy to concerns about filling the world with yet more stuff, her work is either transient, existing in the relationship between artist and audience, as live art, or has a practical utility beyond simply being an art object.

Marc Standing Born in Zimbabwe and now based between Sydney and Hong Kong, Marc Standing draws on his past and the places he has lived, infusing his work with notions of identity, race and mortality. His collection of curiosities accumulated in his studio; a human skull, a taxidermy bird perched on a sinewy branch, exotic animal hides lying next to African tribal masks, a neon-lit cross hung above an array of shells and pods, these amongst others are all objects of inspiration, filling his works with stories and questions. The other-worldly layering of imagery and textures evokes a surreal balance between unease and satisfaction in the viewer - now face-to-face with totems of the contemporary world gone awry.

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