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Smriti Mehra


I may not want to stay a year

Here or There


I start to fantasize about my death


From walking under a falling piano

From swinging merrily at the edge of a cliff while smiling at the sun

From slipping while dancing on mossy, unforgiving rocks


Except, I don’t like the cold

And death will not present itself poetically


Something it is about contracts

Twelve, eighteen, twenty-four…




Greg Williams

Isolation/Connection/Sharing (l)

There are as many

forms of isolation as

there are disease. 

Solitude is the cause and

cure to these ailments. 


The karma of our

isolation at last becomes

exhausted and halts.

Connection is thus born 

from the womb of compassion. 


From this connection 

we share our web of tears,

which flow naturally. 

From our tears we smile and 

speak the language of the heart. 


Isolation/Connection/Sharing (ll)

Beyond all livelihood,

beneath occupation, 

stems the foundation 

of isolation. 


We must reach out

within our despairing,

and rekindle the lost art

of sharing.


It’s in our grasp,

the mind of reflection;

compassion seeks out

our sacred connection.


Drager Meurant


Library closed, theatre closed, gallery closed,

museum closed,

Windows closed, eyes closed, nose also kept

shut, because of the smell of manure,

spread on the field.


 lsolation (2)

 Distance I appreciate above all else

in people.

The cat may get near,

and sometimes I get a scratch,

but that is self-defense

from an self-willed character.


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