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Petticoat Lane / Personal Histories

Petticoat Lane / Personal Histories

An online community event: Conversations about Petticoat Lane and personal histories

About this Event

Petticoat Lane / Personal Histories is an online community event, hosted by Leyden Gallery, in which people who have either lived or worked in the Petticoat Lane area, or who have an interest in it, come together and are asked to bring/show an item that sparks or holds a memory for them.

Participants will be invited to bring an object related to the market or their relationship with it, and to talk about this. The object can be anything, including photographs or even a piece of literature as long as it is clearly related to the area and has personal meaning. These stories and memories once told and recorded will form the basis of narrative research and may help to influence the design elements of a series of fabric banners commissioned to hang on Middlesex Street.


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