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Louse Evans (Platform #2) 

Taking part in Leyden Gallery's Platform for Emerging Arts was a fantastic experience. As a recent graduate from art school, it was a great way to begin my professional career as an artist. It has the potential to open many doors. You gain experience working with the gallery directors, as well as networking with other artists and collectors. The exhibitions are carefully curated and celebrate a range of disciplines produced by exciting, upcoming artists. The experience led onto a further group exhibition with Leyden Gallery. 


Olexandra Solomka (Platform #5)

I had a great time exhibiting with Leyden Gallery for the Platform for Emerging Arts. From start to finish the organisers were friendly and very professional, resulting in a pleasant and collaborative experience. As a bonus, I managed to sell two paintings during the exhibition, which was really great. I would definitely recommend working with Leyden Gallery.


Hanna ten Doornkaat (Platform #8)

Taking part in the Platform for Emerging Art 8  in 2015 was a great experience and I managed to connect with a number of other artists with whom I have since exhibited a number of times. Following the Platform I was lucky to get invited back to exhibit with Leyden Gallery on a number of occasions. I think the platform is a good way for early career artists to get their works seen.


Victoria Coster (Platform #10) 

Participating in Platform #10 was a brilliant opportunity to exhibit in a professional gallery and to work alongside an experienced and knowledgeable team.  It was a great space to show, doing justice to the works that were carefully selected and coherently curated.  I was thrilled to sell a piece at the private view, a lively evening of exchanging thoughts and ideas with visitors and fellow artists.  A really positive experience, I later went on to exhibit in the galleries With/Draw exhibition.  Many thanks to Lindsay and Adriana for their support and encouragement


Gerard McGregor (Platform #10)

 It was a great pleasure to be selected for the Leyden Gallery's Platform for Emerging Arts #10. It gave me the opportunity to have my work displayed in an established and well-respected gallery, and it was an invaluable experience. I was able to meet other artists, some of whom I am still in contact with today. I would advise any artist who gets the chance to be part of Platform for Emerging Arts to take it. It is a fantastic opportunity. It is an experience that I still treasure to this day.


Lizy Bending (Platform #11)

Exhibiting as part of the Platform for Emerging Arts was a brilliant experience. It was the first opportunity I had to actually be part of a face to face interview, which offered a new level of interaction between myself and the gallery (rather than just an online submission) it meant that both the gallery and myself got a chance to better understand how each operated. We had a fun and busy private view and I went on to maintain a relationship with the gallery leading to future opportunities and performances. 


Julia Keenan (Platform #13) 

The Platform for emerging artists initiative organised by Leyden Gallery is a very positive opportunity. After Graduating in 2015 I was keen to show work. The application process was smooth, and I enjoyed speaking to the Directors in person about my practice at the Gallery. I was delighted that a selection of my work was included in the Platform #13 show, the curation was sensitive to all the selected practices and to see my work in the Gallery setting was exciting and gave me confidence. I have maintained my connection with the gallery and am happy to say they have recently facilitated the sale of a work for me! For a recent Graduate the experience was a positive introduction to working with a professional Gallery, thank you Adriana and Lindsay!

Damaris Athene (Platform #15)

I was delighted to be chosen for Platform for Emerging Arts in 2017 and was excited to exhibit my work in a proper gallery for the first time. The curation and quality of the artworks impressed me and the private view was great fun. I enjoyed meeting the other artists involved. I was lucky to sell one of my paintings and the whole experience gave me a lot more confidence in my work. 


Juliana Matsumura (Platform #18)

 Participating in the Platform for Emerging Arts promoted by Leyden Gallery was a great experience.The exhibition was one of my first professional experiences as a young artist and it was very fruitful and encouraging. I greatly appreciated the feedback I got from the public and fellow artists and all the experience was enriching. The Leyden Gallery team is very professional, responsible and friendly, and I've learned a lot working together with Lindsay and Adriana.


Levin Pfeufer (Platform #20)

Having taken part in the Platform for Emerging Arts #20 I experience a wonderful energised collaboration with Leyden Gallery. Working alongside Leyden we selected the strongest and most coherent pieces from my portfolio, of which half were successful in being sold during the show. We also made a film showcasing the exhibition and surrounding neighbourhood. The knowledge and joy in sharing good informed curation, along with a healthy dose of fine humour is one reason I always enjoyed spending time at Leyden whether I came to look at the art or just have a conversation.


Gasediel (Platform #20)

 I was delighted to be part of the selection for the platform for emerging arts 20. Lindsay and Adriana offer a reassuring, warm but also professional and rigorous environment for those who wish to give visibility to their work. From the selection process to the animation of the gallery, everything is done in a spirit of trust, transparency and with a lot of humour! The dynamics of their network allows them to live up to our expectations. It was an amazing story for me! 


Lily Montford (Platform #20)

Having the opportunity to work with the Leyden Gallery has been an invaluable experience for me as a young artist - It has been an introduction to displaying and selling work in a gallery setting, and working with people who have experience in the industry. After the platform for emerging artists I went on to display work at another event posted by the gallery, something I’d never have had the chance to do otherwise.


Lorna Pridmore (Platform #23)

Leyden Gallery put an indefatigable and laudable amount of energy and dedication into supporting the arts and the artists they collaborate with their special focus on women artists in a world that continues to underrepresent us, adds a further layer to their deserved credit. 


James Melloy (Artist)

Being represented by Leyden has been a great experience both gentle and nurturing. The support, input and critique offered by Adriana & Lindsay always pushes my work further and helps me understand better my own concerns, interests and goals. Through their ever-present encouragement I know both personally and artistically I have achieved a great deal more than I thought possible.


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