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Knitting The Uncanny Workshop

Knitting The Uncanny Workshop
This workshop in Leyden Gallery uses textiles and found objects to unpick the nurturing associations of knitting to explore the uncanny.

About this event

In their current exhibition, Well Well Well Leyden Gallery presents, in a transformed vacated space, a group exhibition of 12 artists - including Rosina Godwin who is running this knitting workshop. All of these artists explore the theme of Wellness in unique ways.

Coinciding with Whitechapel's December First Thursday, this workshop unpicks the nurturing associations of knitting to explore the uncanny. A condition described by Sigmund Freud, as when something unknown appears strangely familiar, while an everyday object or habit seems alien and unsettling.

Focusing on combining knitting with fabric and other found objects, participants will be able to use the visual language of textiles, to build their own personal narratives. Mistakes are celebrated as part of the creative process - there is no right or wrong way, but only a range of possibilities!

London-based artist, Rosina Godwin’s textile sculptures aim to subvert the women’s craft associations of textiles and to challenge traditional hierarchy of art mediums, while also taking into consideration Freudian theory and women’s rights. Her ambiguous compositions invite the audience in through intriguing form that aim to be non-conformist and challenge beauty expectations.

The pieces feature knitting as the primary artistic medium; recent research found the slow rhythmic activity of knitting, promotes both physical and mental health, by reducing stress and enhancing brain productivity.


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