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Platform 18

Liliane Laborde-Edozien Liliane Laborde-Edozien’s work explores motifs of censorship and suppression using striking images composed to break social taboo’s regarding sexuality and cultural identity. She first exhibited her work at Imperial College London’s Blythe Gallery earlier this year where she was told by the university that her work was ‘inappropriate’. Imperial College asked that her pieces be removed from the space. In response, Liliane publically censored her own work at the opening of the exhibition in front of all those in attendance to bear witness.

Liliane hopes to continue to spark dialogue about freedom of expression with her art while challenging the perceptions of viewers on pre-existing social constructs.

Juliana Matsumura The delicate nature of Juliana Matsumura’s monotypes, aims to articulate the repercussions of society’s destructive relationship towards nature. Utilizing the practical limits of the etching-press Matsumura conveys the constant transformation of the landscape around us through her evolving series of work, which focuses upon concepts of transformation and destruction.

Lina Avramidou Avramidou’s work considers notions of identity, perception, memory and place.  Visual signifiers, such as fragments or traces of found objects incorporated or imprinted on paper, evoke a sense of the past, a memory partially erased or distorted through time.

Using these objects in a new, different context, she constructs new narratives both reimagined and inspired by the history of the objects themselves.

Davinia-Ann Robinson Davinia’s work explores the cultural palatability of being a Black British Woman navigating through culturally biased terrains. The sculptures on display have been developed from ideals of race and gender superiority, while examining notions of object, abject and the grotesque. 

This is a practice that explores the conditioned ideas of beauty and acceptability placed on Black Women in Western Culture.


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