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Platform 19

Platform 19
Platform 19

Mad Bu Inspired by mythology, folklore and dreams Mad Bu explores an evolving fantasy world of her own creation though highly stylized landscapes. Often depicting a surreal and magical struggle between good and evil, these theatrical and ambiguous paintings can be seen as a dark and satirical take on our own reality..

Dominika Prinz Prinzova’s haunting oil works take inspiration from the artists relationship with the surrounding community. Eye catching colours draped over a ghostly representation of society reflect the artists own personal endeavours in striving to continuously giveback to those around her.

K V Duong through the physicality of using unconventional methods of creating brush strokes, KV Duong’s work focuses on personal emotional expression related to themes of identity, migration, sexuality and human relationships.

James HodgsonJ Exploring unconventional and abandoned materials, James Hodgson’s work seeks to manipulate everyday objects and materials in order to subvert their own conceptual perspectives, often creating large and existential questions though minimalist presentation.

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