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Platform 23

Platform 23
Platform 23

Leyden Gallery presents the 23rd Platform for Emerging Arts Exhibition, a mixed media exhibition showcasing the work of a diverse exciting group of skilled national and international emerging artists. The 8 artists in the Platform for Emerging Arts Exhibitions are selected for their innovation and skill by the curatorial team at Leyden Gallery. Leyden Gallery’s selection and expertise have
recognized and nurtured talented emerging artists who have gone on to receive both critical acclaim and commercial success. With the development of each of Leyden Gallery’s Platform shows there is a fabulous opportunity for the public to both see and purchase art from emerging artists at a critical early stage of their careers. It promises to be a dynamic display from talented emerging artists
in one of East London's most vibrant art spaces.

Annalisa Merrilees | Bill Bevan | Karen Christensen | Lorna Pridmore | Mary Sullivan | Melanie Kenyon | Mike Fullarton | Orsina Pasargiklian

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